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TECHZO - Living Innovation 

Bringing breakthrough ideas to life by making innovation a priority, committing towards it and embracing it.  At Techzo, products exist at the intersection of art and engineering, while being progressive and consistently futuristic. Serving our customers since 2018, we aim to create the best product experience in the Tech world and be the Top Innovative Direct to Consumer Gadget Brand. We bring immersive experience to life! 



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About: Gaurav Choukhany, Founder & CEO

Gaurav Choukhany

Gaurav Choukhany, Techzo’s founder, with this set of belief and conviction of living innovation, started early on in life.

After finishing his higher education he started his B2B Business in 2004 and travelled across the globe to source, understand and comprehend the amazing world of Technology and Gadgets. With an experience of over 18 years in the B2B & B2C segment across various brands and categories,    Launched TECHZO in 2018. Bringing in innovation, multi-utility, affordable pricing, with design and quality, while building an innovative experience for its consumers.

Services & product offerings

We offer Innovative, multi-utility  Electronics gadgets to consumer which bring immersive experience to life.

Product Profile

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